Khayrul Bashar

I'm Khayrul Bashar. Web Developer and Network Engineer. I like computers. iT is my passion. I have been involved with computers for the last 12 years. I got my high school certificate with computer. I have also done many more certification courses. I want to get comfort by applying the talent I have acquired in my workplace. So, I want to enjoy and earn in my daily life working in personal and work computer related work, such as a web design, web development, website management, SEO etc.

What I Do?

Microsoft Office 365

I am a computer operator by profession. I am currently working as a computer operator in Ispahani Girls School and College. I have been working in this profession for 14 years. I can do a lot of work with Microsoft Office program and I have become an expert in it. I can type Bengali, English, Arabic very efficiently. I can type more than 40 words per minute. I currently use Microsoft Office-365. And I always keep myself updated.

Web Design

I am very good at web design. I use the latest versions of HTML-5, CSS-3 and Bootstrap to design responsive web. In addition to Bootstrap, I also design Manual Responsive.

Website Management

I have been building websites with WordPress for about 10 years. This is why I can do technical work like uploading content, downloading, website backup and migration to any type of website very efficiently.

Domain and Hosting

I have a domain and hosting business locally. So I have good knowledge on domain hosting integration, bug fixing, WHM, cPanel. In total I am an IT expert.

Microsoft Word

Apart from composing type, drawing, creating project profile, small design, correspondence, documents, notesheet, CV writing, typing questions, printing and official work can be done.

Microsoft Excel

I can offer simple solutions to many complex tasks in the fastest time with Microsoft Excel. We can do salary creation, data certification and reporting, bill voucher creation, product management etc. very efficiently.

WordPress Website

I am very good at creating WordPress websites. I have worked with many premium themes. Among these we create blogs / magazines, business websites, ecommerce websites and real estate websites. I have been involved with many educational institutions in my service life so I know how to build an educational institution website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is an important aspect of a website. If a website is not SEOed then this website has no meaning. I know how to do all kinds of SEO. You can hire me for this.